Clayton Arrowood


Explores, expands, & innovates in the wonder of architecture. It runs in the family. Fresh from the University of Kentucky. Enters design competitions in his spare time. Also drawn to visual arts & welding. Stand back and watch the sparks fly!

Larry Banks

Principal, Architect

For decades, he has helped chart our course. Calm under pressure, he leads complex projects. His intelligence, knowledge, and encouragement inspire our growth. He navigates complexities, earns peers’ respect, clients’ praise.

Waymon Banks


Started in construction. Carpenter. Liked to figure out how things fit together. Architecture undergrad at A&M. Texas roots. MARCH at UO for sustainable side of the field. A paper airplane every day with his 3 kids. PIVOT figured out we fit together.

Toby Barwood

Principal, Architect

Light heart, humor, creative spirit. Makes the everyday space special. Deep, broad expertise: punchy remodels, elegant transit stations. Driven & thoughtful, leads office and projects with humility. Empowers those around him.

Scott Clarke

Associate, Architect

Versed in the minutiae of technical details & big, abstract ideas. Likes things classical from cars to music. Teaches UO architecture studios. Focuses office discussion about design. Deep understanding of how things are made.

Chelsey Duncan


Passionate about architecture's impact on people and communities. A former AIAS president and UO Honors College grad. Valedictorian of her Roseburg high school too. Seeking adventure, and always planning the next one!

Luis Erazo


Jack of all trades, master of some. A multimedia designer that is versed in metal, glass, wood, digital media, and ink. Lover of art and music; an even greater lover of his family and friends. You can find him plotting his next design project.

Rakshya Gauchan


From Nepal to Canada, Rakshya brings her international style. Passionate about how spaces impact community, she enjoys utilizing squares & courtyards. She also loves mountains & lakes – outside enjoying them or painting them herself.

Josh Gren

Marketing Coordinator

Raised in the shadow of the Hollywood sign, Josh has a flair for creative storytelling. The authority on all things marketing, he is driven to deliver quality content & graphics. On a global quest to find the world's greatest chocolate chip cookie.

Jacky Grey


Master of Architecture from the UO, BAs in math, art from Eastern Oregon. Hands-on construction experience in concrete, carpentry, cabinet making. Equally comfortable fishing, on motorcycles, playing classical piano, & surfing.

Katie Hall

Associate, Architect

Driven architect with a winning smile as big as her talent. Cal Poly grad with energy & creativity to keep our design juices flowing. Focused, detailed, delightful, & involved. Vital to our retail, transit, & public safety projects.

Kelley Howell

Principal, Architect

With awareness, she hears it all: big picture, subtleties, uncovers magic. From Florida, now deeply rooted here. Thoughtful designer and leader. Shepherds housing, public projects. Walks her dogs. Embraces Oregon’s radiance.

Ellie Johnson


An architect who effectively advances project goals. A joy to collaborate with. Her experience is broad: Master of Architecture, historic building documentation, medical clinic design, and even cost estimation.

Shirin Majlesein


Holds master’s degree from University of Tehran. Designed diplomatic, residential buildings in Iran. Won travel awards and national design competition for a bridge across Haraz River. At home, her easel has a canvas waiting.

Theresa Maurer

Associate, Interior Designer

High standards, thoughtful human-centered design, client service. Quick thinker, juggles many projects with savvy, humor. Color & finish selection, sustainability, workplace strategy trends. What don’t we rely on her for?

Clay Neal


After a career in public service—public safety—changed gears to architecture. Likes to build things & spent time as a carpenter. Recipient of the inaugural PIVOT Fellowship while at the UO. Looked for solutions to “Missing Middle” housing crisis.

Stephanie Robert

Interior Designer

Upbeat, optimistic and positive, a Eugene native who’s drawn to anything on the water. Sports cars too. Started space planning as a kid. Rearranged her room frequently to maximize space & create different looks. She positively fits in our group.

Jenni Rogers


Jenni brings new life to old items – restoring furniture, repurposing materials, renovating buildings. A persistent problem solver & motivated to take on new challenges. Find her in the garden, canning, brewing, or hiking with her Malamute.

Bill Seider

Senior Architect

Thoughtful & insightful. Unwavering professionalism, legendary intuition. Partner for 40 years, now relishes time NOT in management meetings. Umbrella on rainy days, sailboat in summer. Raised in NYC, educated in OK. His sensibilities? Pure NW.

Jose Silva


From the Andes Region of Ecuador, he proudly claims residence near the Zero and 45th Parallels. Driven by architectural detail in sustainable projects. Approaches construction solutions like a puzzle–looking for the best, most innovative answers.

Alexis Sliwinski


We get a charge out of Alexis. A recent transplant from Ohio, her friendly, warm personality fits in here. She loves taking the old, tired, & worn out—whether people or buildings—and re-energizing them. Catch her zipping around on her electric bike.

John Stapleton

Principal, Architect

Past life as a contractor with architecture and engineering training. He knows how to build his dreams. Harmonizes big ideas with focused details. Add a deep interest in sustainability and you have a talented architect.

Nita Tjahjana


Followed the wind from the breezy mountains and valleys of Java, Indonesia to the sunshine and greenery of the PNW. Passionate about technology and how it’s used to change the world. Hike. Bike. Read. Make. A nerd and not afraid to admit it.

Francisco Toledo


Perhaps PIVOT’s most worldly employee. Lived in China & Mexico. Traveled all over learning from different flavors & cultures. BARCH from the UO. Humble and unassuming. Easy smile & sense of humor to match. His spirit animal? The Teddy Bear.

Kari Turner

Principal, Architect

Good humor, easy going. Draws best from others to make complex projects breezy. Behind many creative transit projects. Questions design ideas with warmth & humanity. Designs engaging, iconic, places accessible to all.

Burke Wardle


Love of architecture rooted in its infinite opportunities to learn. Comes to OR from CA for outdoor exploits. Camping, snowboarding, wakeboarding. Needs a thicker wetsuit now. Apple didn’t fall far; dad was an architect too. Woodworking his solace.

Martha Wassweiler

Interior Designer

From chilly Minnesota to balmy Eugene. UO graduate with a passion for landscape architecture and how it can overlap with interior design. Distance runner, artist, knitter, and skilled unicyclist.

Karen Williams


From London via Florida. Actor, speaker, architect with head for complex buildings. Leadership force with Women in Architecture, AIA (won ‘14 Young Architect award). Loves Oregon: hiking, climbing, yoga, singing in the rain.

Angela Wilson

Accounting Administrator

Volunteer, dog lover, numbers person. Away from the office, she's helping area schools and animals. Using her accounting experience while at PIVOT, ensuring that i's dotted, t’s crossed. All with great energy.