The PIVOT Fellowship

In the interest of broadening the scope and nature of our firm culture and supporting developing professionals, we have created an innovative program that will bring a high achieving, advanced University of Oregon architecture student into our office each summer. Following a well-publicized recruitment effort, one student will be selected as a fellow each year. The PIVOT fellow will spend the summer with us, and will have split responsibilities. For half of their time with us, the fellow will be incorporated into our project teams, providing an opportunity to gain valuable professional experience. For the other half of their responsibilities, PIVOT Fellows will execute projects of their own choosing. The topic and nature of the project are open, and the project proposal is an important part of the application process. We are interested in learning alongside the fellow, meaning that the project is about the fellow’s architectural interests and passions. At the conclusion of the summer, the fellow will present their project in an event open to all.

The PIVOT Fellow 2017
Clay Neal

We are pleased to announce that Clay Neal is our inaugural, 2017 PIVOT Architecture Fellow. Clay is a Eugene native, and is preparing to finish his MARCH degree at the University of Oregon in the spring of 2018. He has proposed to study alternative models of residential development that provide affordable housing while supporting the goals of a more sustainable community and providing economic opportunity for developers and builders. Eugene will serve as the laboratory for his study. Clay has a degree in International Media and Social Structures from Boston University, and has a variety of professional experiences that support his understanding of the construction trades and public policy. We are confident that Clay typifies the high level of motivation, skill, achievement, and aptitude that we have established as the standard for those that will be named PIVOT Architecture Fellows.