We are artists, technicians, and doodlers. We are tinkerers, inventors, and proud parents of children and ideas. We are designers, joiners, and leaders. We are gardeners, athletes, and candy lovers. We are travelers and homebodies; teachers and students. We understand our responsibility to work in a way that lifts the human spirit. We seek to challenge each other, inspire our clients, elevate our community, and realize our full potential. We are people who work toward making our community a better place… and want to make better places in the world.

PIVOT Architecture is a firm of about 30 architects, interior designers, and design professionals working from our office in downtown Eugene. Our clients are diverse and our work includes a wide range of public and private projects. Our people work in an open and transparent way in small teams formed for each project. We seek people who understand that implementing our values requires thought, care, and creativity.

Get in touch with us at careers@pivotarchitecture.com.

PIVOT Fellowship