Scott Clarke: 20 Years and Counting at PIVOT

Architect and Associate Scott Clarke, AIA, recently celebrated the milestone of working 20 years at PIVOT Architecture.

Twenty years on, Scott is still fascinated by architecture and its limitless capacity for exploration. “My professional life has been filled with diversity of project scale, program, and clients,” Scott said.

“From tiny remodels at one end of the spectrum, to design coordination for the 52-acre EWEB Roosevelt Operations Center, each project has brought its own lessons, and each has been treated with the same care and sense of responsibility. Our objective is consistent: Each project is a responsible use of resources, supports the projects’ users, and leaves the world a slightly more beautiful place.”

“Time and again, Scott has been an incredibly important part of PIVOT’s success over the years,” said Principal Kelley Howell. “He’s been instrumental in many of PIVOT’s key projects, is a mentor to up-and-coming staff, and maintains a strong connection to the University of Oregon.”

Recently, Scott helped launch the PIVOT Fellowship, a summer program for UO architecture students prior to their final year of study. More than an internship, the fellowship aims to foster original thought about pressing issues of the design profession, culminating in the presentation of a project on the subject. Scott also regularly teaches architecture courses at the UO and is part of the Round Table Club of Eugene, a Town and Gown organization.

“More recently, I’ve been heavily involved in PIVOT’s transit projects,” Scott said. “I find that this facet of our practice is a wonderful challenge, and greatly appreciate that these projects intrinsically support the equity, sustainability, and character of the communities they serve. They are essential components in transforming our cities into places where mobility is available to all while enhancing environmental quality.

“For designers, these projects require attention over an unparalleled spectrum of issues: We engage in urban design concepts with projects that extend for miles, and then sweat the details of transit platforms and shelters that can resemble product design more than typical architectural projects. This extreme scope of concern suits me well. It gets to the aspirations of our profession. We seek an understanding of the world that accepts that everything is part of an interrelated system. Our work is affected by, and in turn affects, everything around it.”

Thank you, Scott, for your unwavering dedication to the craft of architecture. The projects you have worked on, the clients you interact with, and colleagues who are lucky enough to work by your side, who are fortunate to have experienced the positive influence you have brought to each of us. We look forward to many more years together.


PIVOT Architecture is Now 20% Ks

Eugene, OR—PIVOT Architecture is happy to welcome two new people to our team. With the hires of KC Eck and Kyle O’Hearn, K-named people now make up about 20% of the PIVOT population with A-names a distant second at 13%.

Architect KC Eck
KC joins the PIVOT team after working in the Eugene area for the past two years. KC earned his bachelor degree in architecture from the University of Texas at San Antonio and his Master of Architecture from the University of Oregon in 2018. KC is passionate about net zero/net positive architecture intertwining his knowledge into his work. He is a registered architect in Oregon with three years of experience. Living in Eugene has resulted in KC becoming an outdoor enthusiast and a major Oregon Duck fan.

Designer Kyle O’Hearn
Kyle joins PIVOT after working as a project engineer in construction. Beginning at age sixteen in construction, Kyle has learned to incorporate his passion for sustainability into his architectural career. He has a Bachelor of Science in Conservation Biology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison as well as a master’s degree in architecture from the University of Oregon. Kyle enjoys traveling to new places and spending time outdoors during his down time.

PIVOT has a history of making K-named hires. The firm has matched its record level of six K-named employees. KC and Kyle join Karen, Kari, Kelley, and Katie to cement control over the ceremonial moniker.


Groundbreaking DDS Facility

PIVOT was excited to participate, golden shovel in hand, in the groundbreaking for Lane County’s new 26,000-SF Developmental Disabilities Services Facility.

The new building will be a welcoming and easy to navigate facility which will serve some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

Karen Gaffney, director of Lane County Health & Human Services Department, said, “The County is making a statement with this building.” She is proud to be part of building which will, “provide services for 3,000 of the most vulnerable people in the community. It shows that our people are worthy. Investing in community and staff is an important message,” she said.

Carla Tazumal, program manager for Lane County Developmental Disabilities department, commended PIVOT’s creativity and ability to design the facility during pandemic. “They figured out how to see materials in open air,” she said.

As Lane County Commissioner Joe Berney noted at the ceremony, this is one of the first facilities designed and built under the County’s community dignity protocol which promotes equity in the County’s design and construction practices.

Learn more about the DDS building which is slated to open in 2022.


Sketching Skills

We changed up our weekly all-staff meeting by grabbing our pens and pencils and sharpening up on our sketching skills. By sharing our different experiences and techniques, we improved our architectural skill by drawing different exercises together. These are a few examples from our talented team: