Our Hearts are with Those Affected by Wildfire

As we head into a second week of devastation from wildfires raging throughout Oregon and much of the West, our hearts and thoughts are with those who have lost loved ones and property during these trying times. Our unending gratitude goes out to those battling blazes, donating to relief organizations, and members of our strong community who volunteer to aid those affected.

For us at PIVOT, the majestic area is hallmarked by the McKenzie Ranger Station which fortunately is out of harm’s way for the time being. It has been a starting point as well as a place to rest and regroup during many of our excursions into the seemingly enchanted forest.

Please take care of one another during these incredibly difficult times.


30th Anniversary of the ADA

PIVOT staff studies prototype ADA improvements.

In one of the most important laws that applies to architecture, the Americans With Disabilities Act was signed into law 30 years ago. It has been instrumental in making facilities more accessible and is a benchmark to create projects that are welcoming and usable. But it is not just a benefit those of us with disabilities. The ADA creates better design for everyone.

The codes that are a result of the ADA provide a rigorous template that helps create places that are technically accessible. However, at PIVOT Architecture we know that compliance with the code does not guaranty that a space is experienced equitably by all users. Accessibility occurs when it is a core value of those designing the environment. Our designers imagine projects from the perspective of those with disabilities to create places that are inclusive and ensure the experiences of people with differing abilities are as equitable as possible.

The ADA has reshaped the way designers have come to think about architecture and we’ve come a long way as a profession. But at PIVOT we actively pursue and won’t stop looking for new and better ways to improve at making environments that are accessible.


LBCC Photo Shoot

Some scenes from our photo shoot at the renovated CTE industrial facilities at Linn-Benton Community College. The spaces include welding, a machine tool building, and fabrication and pipe facility. The project was funded by a community-supported bond measure and is the second phase of the renovation. Read more about it.


We Stand in Solidarity

In light of recent events, we’ve been feeling the pain that images of brutality reveal and thinking about the damage racism causes in our society. Our goal has always been to make PIVOT Architecture an organization of inclusion that welcomes talent from wherever it may come.

Our values compel us to speak out in support of those who are working to create a more equitable world. And while it’s sometimes hard to know how to help, we can pledge to continue the work of making PIVOT a safe and healthy place to thrive for all of us. Part of that work is to make it clear that we stand with our fellow citizens who suffer at the hands of institutional racism and against those who promote hate and discrimination. Dealing with the resulting emotions is made especially hard by our required physical separation from our teams and community members.

Hug your family; connect with your loved ones. And in your own way, help our community and our nation walk a path to a more equitable and just future.