Yachats Fire Station

Yachats Rural Fire Protection District

Yachats is a quaint little “gem of the Oregon Coast.” While the area is known for the rugged beauty of the coast, the Pacific Ocean also poses a potential threat to the charming little town. Should an earthquake and tsunami strike, the area will be in desperate need of emergency services.
The Yachats Rural Fire Protection District provides those services for the community in and around Yachats. With its station located in town well within the tsunami inundation zone, YRFPD acquired land out of the danger zone and turned to PIVOT Architecture to lead them through a bond process for funding to build a new station. By developing a strategy for a successful bond measure and facilitating public meetings, PIVOT led them through the process of designing a new station capable of withstanding a major tsunami that additionally resolves the numerous issues inherent to the current cramped and aging station.
As the project concepts evolved, PIVOT worked with the district for public engagement to gather feedback from the community while providing opportunities to explain the project and its necessity to those being asked to consider the bond measure.
Thanks in part to an effort coordinated by PIVOT, the bond was easily approved by voters in November of 2016. PIVOT is now in the process to further the project’s design.



Scott Clarke, Jacky Grey